Saturday, August 09, 2014

~$50 a week: Week 2~

I forgot to give one more caveat for my $50/week challenge: company meals aren't included. And just so you know, we're having company at the end of next week, so my meal plans and shopping don't cover most of those meals. I'm pretty sure I'm through with caveats but I'll let you know if I come up with any more. ;-)

I have been shopping on Saturdays for a few months now. I'll do whatever it takes to go shopping by myself! Let's just say there have been toooo many grocery store shenanigans!

So tonight I left after dinner and before dishes so that meant there was not a clean counter upon which to display my groceries. So here you go:

Exciting stuff, hmm?

I spent $40.41 at Aldi and my receipt from Meijer mysteriously disappeared - but the total was right around $7.50, bringing my grand total to $47.91.

This week was kind of crazy, we had a yard sale and meals didn't get executed as planned. I switched things around, and one night we did do Taco Bell. So because of that we don't have leftovers for dinner tomorrow night so I had to pick up ingredients for tomorrow's dinner along with my shopping for Monday through Thursday.

(S) taco salad
(M) Thai chicken salad
(T) zucchini stir-fry
(W) beans and rice with picco de gallo
(T) roast chicken and mashed potatoes

Breakfasts and lunches will be about the same as I detailed last week.

So there you have it! My shopping is done for next week through Thursday evening (even though I just now remembered I forgot one thing. Oh well! Too bad, so sad! ;-) )

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