Monday, August 18, 2014


Kevin's big "4-0" birthday was here and I threw him a surprise birthday party! It wasn't truly a surprise, but the details were a surprise, and he enjoyed it all, so I'm calling it a success! :-)

Since most of the pictures from his day include other people who may or may not want their pictures on my blog, I've selected just a few to share here.

When Kevin arrived, giving me a hug:

Acting "old" with one of the gag gifts:

The cake:

It was a lot of work to pull together a party, and I couldn't have done it by myself! Kevin's mom was here and she provided assistance with shopping and in the kitchen as well as paying for all the food for the party. I deeply appreciated her help and generosity! Also, our youth pastor and his wife helped me with setting up, grilling, and other details of the day.

We had the party at a park (I rented a shelter), and the menu was:
hamburgers with the usual fixings
hot dogs
potato salad
baked beans

and of course! cake! :)

As something fun, I had a "photo booth" and got together some fun props - mustaches, hats, a scarf, leis, etc.  Fun things that everyone could select from and get a family picture. It seemed like it was something everyone enjoyed.

Also, Kevin's sister Rebecca and her husband John rented motorcycles for the day as their gift. Kevin and John rode for about five hours in the morning (that gave me time to get almost everything made and prepped!). After they got back Kevin took me out for a few miles:

It was fun in a scary sort of not-really-necessary-why-am-I-doing-this way. :-)


Becky Dempsey said...

Glad Kevin had a good birthday. Some days I think I need a real walker! But I am older than him, so... :)

Tammy said...

Sometimes I feel so creaky when I get up! And I'm younger. ;-)