Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kill your television!

The bumper sticker I saw (previous post) reminded me of a pastor's and worker's conference I attended in 1999. A well-known pastor preached for the opening service, and during that service he used a very attention-grabbing object lesson. He took an ax and literally destroyed a television that was on the platform. Glass and televions parts flew everywhere! The message was to "Go forward" and stop sitting around watching junk on televion, to stop bad habits, etc.

The next day my sister Holly was in one of the ladies' split sessions, and the speaker shared how her young son didn't quite "get" the point of the previous night's message. At home he asked if they could destroy their old television, since they had a newer, bigger one in the living room! LOL

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Susan said...

My pastor smashed up a TV in church once! LOL Some folks didn't like it and didn't come back! I don't care for smashing things in church services, but it does get the point across! LOL