Friday, March 10, 2006

My reading "nook"

I had to laugh when I downloaded the pictures from my camera. This picture is one that I did not take. What is it? It's my reading spot. Yep, right in the kitchen. No, not very comfortable. What makes it so desirable? The heater vent, of course! After dinner, I will sometimes sit over the vent and read. I have another stool, which is a tiny apple stool that my sister gave me, and sometimes I pull that over and set my cup of tea on it. If need be, the heater can always be turned up a degree or two. After all, if the heater goes off, why sit over the heater vent???

Lately, I have been getting stacks of books from the library, and paging through them in the evenings. Hence, all the books around my stool. Many of them have been knitting books, but there are others too. I've been getting lots of ideas for knitting projects!

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Susan said...

I have to admit that I don't think I'd be very comfy on a stool to do my book perusing, but whatever works for you! I must say that your painting looks really good - I love the creamy color with the bright white trim. Looks great!