Thursday, October 04, 2007

~Autumn Etsy Collection~

I was a busy gal sewing today, and now there are a few new things listed in my shop:


Zipper Pouch:

Little Zipper Pouch:

Pumpkin Bib:

Jelly Bean Bib:

And this has been listed, but I didn't mention it previously:


Heather said...

Very cute! I especially like the pumpkin bib - so perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! (Do you think I am too old to wear it?) ;) Someday I will have a daughter to buy cute things like that for...

Kathy, Jeff's wife said...


You continue to outdo yourself each time! I absolutely love them.

Jennifer said...

I love that pumpkin bib too! But all the items are great.

A Note From Theresa said...

Those are so nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh that pumpkin bib is CUTE. My baby brother would look cute in it. The jelly bean one is cute too.


Michelle said...

Those are so cute..You did a great job