Tuesday, October 02, 2007

~e-bay stuff~

I hope my parents don't mind me sharing this story, but I find it too funny to keep to myself! *Smiles*

My dad has been an e-bayer practically since e-bay opened their online doors. And so, when he saw a copper tea kettle listed, he wanted to get it for my mom. My mom, however, did not want it. She told him so, several times. But he "won" it for her anyhow. ;-)

One of my sisters went to use it shortly after we got it. She put it on the stove, and left it to boil away, till the water boiled out and the kettle was over-heated. I came through the kitchen and right as I did, the spout fell off the kettle!

Oh, we all laughed and laughed. My sister who had stuck it on the stove was apologetic, but my mom just thought it was funny. Hmmm...

Ok, a little vent! If you were bidding on a foreign auction, wouldn't you check to see if they ship internationally before you place your bid? Wouldn't you know, someone from Brazil has bid on a 10-lb. book! I checked online, and it will cost roughly $50-60 to mail! I'm not very happy with this bidder; I think he should have asked beforehand. At least it is a book that has a number of watchers, hopefully he will be outbid, or be willing to pay that much for the shipping!

Do you buy things on e-bay? What's the best item you've bought on e-bay? My best deal was my hand-knotted canopy. I got it for less than half then it would cost new!


Mrs. C said...

I always specify on my ebay listings that I only ship to the U.S./Canada, so fortunately I haven't had any problems. Does it show on your listing that you don't ship internationally?

Best buy on ebay...that's a tough one! We've probably gotten the best deals on books, Bibles, and homeschooling materials. I've gotten some good deals on Brighton jewelry, too.

Mrs. C

Mrs. C said...

P.S.~ Your canopy is lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

My dad bought me a prairie dress on e-bay. I have also gotten an Anthropologie skirt on there too.

deb said...

Tammy ~ I know nothing about ebay! I've never even been on ebay to know what it's like! I wish I could sell my daughters' bridesmaid dresses from their brother's wedding on there - they probably would sell much higher and quicker than a classified ad.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I love the canopy!

I do have a lot of treasures from ebay in my home.....I guess if I narrowed it down it would be a pair of Nine West shoes I bought off of there about 3 years ago that I LOVE!!! I even found the same style in Red a few months later.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tammy,

Sorry about your predicament with the 10# book!

I sell lots of things on Ebay and run into this once in a while. Unless you specifically state in the auction, either by checking a box saying you ship internationaly or spelling it out you do NOT have to ship the book to any international address. You can sell the book to the next highest bidder.

For me shipping internationaly is kind of a pain and therefore I do not do it.

Good Luck,


Mrs. Elliott said...

Tammy, your canopy looks beautiful!