Monday, October 22, 2007

~Finally gaining ground~

My Monkey sock has been giving me fits ever since I started the heel. I was meeting the gauge set by the pattern, but the heel just seemed so huge to me! But I plugged on, knitted the gusset and started on the foot. Then I found a dropped stitch up by the heel (how on earth? YUCK) and ripped back to here (red line):

I was able to pick up my stitches and continue on. I did a different heel, and it turned out shorter and more to my liking. Now I'm finally using new yarn from the skein again! Current progress:

And a little visitor from the other day:


Tori said...

Wow, what patience! I would have been burned out and put it aside for a while. Good job!!

Happymama said...

Wow, Tammy, your little visitor is quite chubby and very cute!


Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Is that 4 needles?!? I don't know if I could ever learn to knit. Looks to complicated to me. You are doing a great job!

I too would have lost patience when having to rip out all those rows of stitches

Cute squirrel around here we don't see brown ones very often anymore the black squirrels are everywhere. They seem a little more aggressive.


Heather said...

Your sock looks great! This is one of my favorite sock patterns of all time, and the pattern is so quick to knit. I cannot wait to see your finished pair!

Writing and Living said...

Your socks look great. It's so frustrating to have to pull back all those rows.

I've been seeing that sock a lot around the blogs lately. I may have to try it myself.