Thursday, October 04, 2007

~Pets Galore!~

My youngest sister is nine years old, and she has quite a fondness for animals. Apparently, she wants everyone to share her love of animals!

In a recent e-mail, my mom told me:
When B. (my littlest sister) prays now, her prayers always include petitions for animals. She prays, "Help me to get a rabbit, C. to get a goat, T. to get a Jersey cow, Dad to get a Llama, N. to get a turtle, and Mom to get a meat cow. At the end of her prayer N. always informs her that he does not want a turtle, and that if he wanted one he would have picked up the turtle that was walking across the road in town one day. N. was driving down town and there was a turtle (probably about 9 inches long from front to back) slowly crossing the street. He stopped to let him go across. I asked him if he wanted to pick it up, and he said no. Then, the truck behind us stopped and picked him up. Anyway, N. reminds B. that he could have had a turtle if he really wanted one. Still, she prays that he will get a turtle. Sometimes she asks God to give someone a poodle. I think she figures if she asks for enough animals, the Lord will give us something. We will see...... It really is good that God doesn't answer every prayer we pray with a "yes". Can you imagine how our place would look??? God is good!

I just laughed so much when I read this e-mail! My family does live out in the country, but they do not have the room for farm animals! LOL


Jennifer said...

How cute!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Very cute! I have a daughter just like that~very sweet.

Melissa said...

A cow? A llama? That is hilarious!

Trixie said...

Hi Tammy!

Too funny, LOL. It reminds me of when I was little, I wanted a litter of piglets so bad that when my folks took me to the dime store at Christmas I asked Santa for a litter of pigs. Bet he never heard that one before!

Take Care,