Sunday, October 28, 2007

~Concord Grapes~

Oh my goodness! Have you ever had Concord grapes? They are sooooo delicious!!! My husband had a work-related activity one evening a few weeks ago, and it was catered. One of the things they served was Concord grapes. I just never knew grapes could be so good!

I found some at my grocery store last week, and they promptly went into my cart. Not the cheapest fruit I've ever purchased, but they are a delicious treat! They taste exactly like you'd expect a grape scratch 'n sniff sticker to taste like! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

I love concord grapes too! We had a grape arbor when I was a kid and used them to make juice, jam and jelly.

We have a more informal style of growing the grapes at our place: they just grow into a huge self supported arbor in one place. On the other side of the house they grow into the spruce trees.

One interesting thing about Concord grapes is that they do not taste right until a hard frost. Somehow it sweetens them.

Take Care,


Zintradi said...

I remember having concord grapes when I was younger and thinking "finally, this is what grapes are supposed to taste like"
I would drink grape juice and eat grape jelly, but every grape I tasted was nothing like that.
Anyway, the same think goes for cherries. I have yet to have the cherry that gave us the stereotypical 'cherry' flavor, i.e. maraschino cherrys...

Sonya said...

I love this type of grape. I haven't eaten them in years though!