Saturday, October 06, 2007

~Monkey Business~

Ah, today I really have been monkeying around. I've done quite a bit, actually, but in between times I've been goofing off, and watching my e-bay auctions. It is exciting when it gets down to the last few minutes! Oh, and I figured out what to do with the bidder who no longer wanted to bid: sellers can cancel bids! I'm glad I figured that out before the auction was over!

I'm going off to the library to get some books, and then when I return I'm going to work in earnest!

Have a happy Saturday!

To answer several questions about my socks:

Yes, you see four needles. I use a fifth to knit with. It is a little tricky when you first start out, but after awhile it isn't too hard!

The yarn I'm using is made by Lang Yarns, and is Jawoll Superwash. It is made in Italy for a company in Switzerland. There's barely any English on the label! It is 75% new wool, 18% nylon, and 7% acrylic. I purchased it when my LYS was closing their doors. Oh, and it is lovely to work with, but it slips off the needles too easily, even my wooden needles. So I have to really pay attention, and have a crochet hook handy for when it comes off.

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Mrs. Elliott said...

Hi Tammy! I'm always so impressed with your beautiful handmade crafts. I've tried to learn how to knit, but seem to be taking to crocheting more easily (I think because there is only one hook involved.) Love the socks!