Thursday, September 15, 2005

Crunch, crunch, crunch

I'm eating my breakfast. :-) Kevin asked me to get Grape Nuts, so yesterday when I went grocery shopping, I picked up a box. I haven't bought them in over a year. I used to buy them quite frequently. I'm not sure exactly why I stopped. Can someone tell my why they are called Grape Nuts? They have neither ingredient in them!

When I poured them into my bowl, I was remembering when I was about 8, and my mom was expecting my sister. I think Grape Nuts must have been about the only thing she could eat. But my sister Holly and I didn't know that, and we sat down and ate quite a bit of her cereal. Later on that day, I must have had a guilty conscience, because I wrote her a note that said something like, "I still love you, even if I ate all your Grape Nuts."

Do you know something? Cupboard doors are a pain in the neck! I hung all the painted doors yesterday, and now I have to open and close all those doors while I'm working in the kitchen! I got used to no doors on my cupboards. It may not look nice, but it sure is handy!

Speaking of my cupboard doors, I only have four left to paint! Yay!!! I had to buy more paint yesterday, so I didn't get two coats of primer on them like I wanted. But that's ok, I'll still be able to finish painting by Saturday, as I had planned. I can't wait to share pictures of my finished kitchen!


Carolyn said...

I cant wait to see pics of your kitchen! :)

Nikki said...

Too FUNNY about the Grape Nuts!!!! Ohh I can't wait to see that KITCHEN!!!!!! I feel like I have said that before!! HEHE