Monday, September 26, 2005

Ok, you can call me weird. No, wait, don't call me weird! :)

Our brains are marvelous! Have you ever talked yourself into something? I have. In fact, my whole family did one time! My grandpa called us, and we all went over to his house. We were going to watch the moon eclipse. So we watched, and wow, yes, the moon was being eclipsed. Yes, it was getting smaller. We sat outside for a good 15 minutes or longer, watching the moon eclipse.

Then my grandma came out. She had been watching the news. Guess what? The eclipse was the next night! We all laughed at ourselves, and then watched the real eclipse the next night!

For the past 10 months, I have done my own convincing to my brain. Kevin gave me a Colonial Candle for my birthday last year. I have enjoyed burning it throughout this year. It smells so pretty. It's red. Everyone knows that apples are red, right? I have always thought this candle was an apple candle. To me, it even smelled like apples. Never mind the fact that there is a picture of a bundle of cinnamon sticks on the front. Apples and cinnamon go together, right? Never mind the fact that the candle is clearly marked "Cinnamon" right by the cinnamon sticks. In my mind it was an apple candle, therefore, it smelled like apples!

It was just a week or so ago that I looked at it and said, "This is a cinnamon candle?"

It may be funny when we're talking about candles and moon eclipses. But what about the people all over this earth that have convinced themselves that they don't need God to get to heaven? Or that they can work their way to heaven? I'm glad that I haven't done that kind of brainwashing towards myself!


Jamie said...

I just finally got caught up on several blogs. My week was busy! But honestly I can see you thinking apple. I love the cinnamon apple smells!

tkrimms said...

It is amazing how the scents of candles can bring certain thoughts and memories!

Carolyn said...

Tammy! Wow! I was laughing so hard reading this!
Then I got to the end and Wow! I'm so thankful for Jesus!

Jamie said...

Just wanted you to know..I went to the px yesterday and picked up this SAME exact candle and smelled it. AND yes I could see me thinking apple/cinnamon pie when it was burning. I have a vanilla and pearl of this brand and I love it.