Saturday, September 24, 2005

Praise the Lord for Nice Neighbors!

Kevin asked our neighbor two doors down if we could borrow his lawn mower. He said he wouldn’t mind, but he was out of gas. Well, we had plenty of gas on hand, so that was no problem. Our neighbor’s lawn mower had “Simplicity” on it. Yep! It was simple—but it got the job done. I had a bit of a time getting it up the incline of our front yard, but I was finally able to figure out the best way to get it up. I bet my arms will be sore tomorrow! At least the lawn got mowed. I hate to leave a job undone!


Carolyn said...

So glad you got it mowed! I'm in awe though! YOu mow your own lawn!
I"m so out of shape, I think I'd get half way around and pass out! roflol

Tammy said...

I have to mow our lawn, because Kevin is allergic to grass! I don't mind though--I mowed my grandpa's lawns for him when I was a teenager, and always enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I loved mowing the lawn! But John enjoys doing it, so I let him. ;-)

Glad you got the lawn mowed, though. We need to. Gotta go borrow George's!