Sunday, September 04, 2005

Thoughts on Weeds

Yesterday as I was weeding the flower beds on the side of the house, I got to thinking about weeds...and "weeds" in my spiritual life. I've heard the analogy before, so I know it isn't an original thought, but it really spoke to me at the time. Weeds don't really need any cultivating. Weeds just sprout up and grow, and to get rid of them completely, you have to get the whole root out--not just the top leaves.

I was weeding an area that just two weeks ago had been completely weed free. Guess what? There were more weeds for me to pull! It's kind of aggravating to have to continually weed and weed and weed all summer long. But you know, the Christian life takes constant "weeding"; vigilance on my part to weed out the seeds the devil plants in my life. My Christian life is one that takes constant work. Reading my Bible yesterday doesn't count for today, just like weeding my garden in the spring is not going to take care of weeding for the whole growing season!

Another thought that struck me was that weeds don't need water to survive and grow. One of the flower beds I have doesn't have any plants in it, and it hasn't gotten any water for a few weeks (except perhaps when it has rained). But there were plenty of weeds in that bed.

I want to cultivate beautiful flowers, not weeds! And so is true in my spiritual life!


Carolyn said...

Amen Tammy! Great thoughts!

Jamie said...

So true..funny you blog I was reading your last post I was thinking on this same thing. I myself have been weeding in my own garden.