Friday, October 27, 2006

~Choosing a Color~

I have decided to get a different paint. The paint in the living room just didn't "grow" on me at all. If I would have followed my office manager's advice, and gotten paint samples in the first place, I wouldn't have a whole room painted in a paint I can't stand!!!

The paint colors I'm using are Sherwin Williams. I've mentioned that I work in an architect's office. There are many samples around the office, and those samples include paint books. So after thumbing through paint colors today, my office manager recommended two more colors, ones that don't have quite so much yellow undertones in them.

Sherewin Williams sells paint samples by the quart. The store I got them for charged $4.99. It isn't a good quality paint, just something to test with. Here you can see the two different colors, painted on the very gold (appropriately named "Golden") paint.

I'm thinking of going with the one on the left, although I do like the one on the right as well. The flash really does wash out the intensity of the gold color.


Jodi said...

Tammy -

I actually like all three colors - from here anyway - ;o)! Being up close, in person, and surrounded by it can make a difference. :o)

You are right to change the color now if you dislike it. Nothing would be more disheartening than putting in all that work only to find you're not completely in love with it because you're always wishing you'd "toned down that color."

Everything is looking lovely and you are progressing along quickly. I look forward to the next step.


Shari said...

LOL! That gold color is like the one I grew up with in my living room.

Kelli said...

I love both yellows (it's my favorite color!) but really like the ligher shade. It's very soft and compliments the green nicely! I can't wait to see if all finished!

Tammy said...

Jodi, you are so right! Because we don't have any of the woodwork on, it is so easy to Waiting to get all the woodwork up, and then deciding to repaint would have meant a LOT more work!

Shari, how funny. Colors come around full circle, don't they?

Kelli, I liked the lighter shade better too, but my husband put his vote in for the darker shade. Now that it's up, I am perfectly happy withit!