Monday, October 02, 2006

~Potato Pancakes sans Stitches~

I love potato pancakes! I even have a post about potato pancakes, from just a year ago. Only I really wasn't talking about potato pancakes. In fact, I only got to eat a few potato pancakes I made that night, because I ended up in the emergency room getting stitches!

Last Friday night Kevin was away with our church men at a retreat, and I decided to treat myself to potato pancakes. Only, I didn't attempt to chop up frozen butter this time! No stitches for me this time around!

Is there a food you just love that your husband just doesn't love? Potato pancakes is one such food in our family. Since I don't adore cooking that much, I make one meal for both of us. So that means I don't get potato pancakes that often.

I don't really have a recipe. This is what I did:

In blender, process until smooth:
1 onion
3 potatoes
1 egg
a few sprinkles of garlic salt
about a tablespoon of self-rising flour

I made them just like regular pancakes. They were oh, so very good!

I have many fond memories of potato pancake dinners. My dad was usually the one who made them, but my mom made them too. We'd all sit around the table, and wait for them to be cooked. My dad has the wonderful ability to make plate-sized pancakes and turn them without breaking them. So we would all wait patiently for our pancakes to cook. Maybe while we were waiting we made up names for people. But we all sat around the table and waited, because potato pancakes are best HOT.


Jodi said...

Tammy -

I'm so curious -- does this make a smooth batter or a chunky one? I'm used to grating the potatoes and mincing the onions [we are NOT a big onion family -- come to think of it that's one of those things I love and my hubby hates :o)] and then adding the egg and flour. That gets more of a "hashbrowny" kind of pancake. (But your batter sounds smooth - is it?)

Tammy said...

Jodi, my pancakes are very smooth. There are no potato chunks in them. I do like the hashbrowny type potato pancakes as well, but the smooth batter ones are my absolute favorites!

Jodi said...

Mmmm - I am going to try these!

Thanks for getting back!


Unknown said...

I so love eggplant parmesan. My husband and son don't like it. I usually order it at a restaurant or purchase the Michael Angelo brand

Melissa said...

I have never had potato pancakes before, so pardon my ignorance, but what do you top them with? Butter? Syrup? Something else?

Tammy said...

Well, Melissa, this may sound weird, but we always ate them with ketchup. You put ketchup on French fries, right? =)

Last Friday, I did eat them with some ketchup (my homemade ketchup), however, most of them I just ate plain.

My mom often served applesauce along side the pancakes (but not eaten on the pancakes. Well, I guess some of my sisters did eat applesauce on their pancakes((bleck)). LOL)

Annecourager said...

I made zucchini pancakes on Saturday morning (being blessed with an abundance of the things) - and everyone snooted at them but me! I thought they were so wonderful I made a double batch!

And guess who's eating them all. :)

Arlene said...

My hubby's not-so-favorite-meal would definitely be spaghetti carbonara... I think it's absolutely delicious, but Nathan could do without it. I only make it when I'm home alone for lunch or similar situations, and Nathan's happy with that arrangement, lol :) I don't mind, because that means more pasta for me! :P