Friday, October 20, 2006

~I am the Vine~

I am the vine
Ye are the branches
He that abideth in me
And I in him
The same bringeth forth much fruit
For without me ye can do nothing
If ye abide in me
And my words abide in you
Ye shall ask what ye will
And it shall be done unto you
John 15:5, 7

I’ve been memorizing those verses today, and the truth in them has been abiding in my heart all day long. “For without me ye can do nothing”. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Jodi said...

Tammy -

John 15 and 17 are two of my favorite chapters. When I meditate on these verses, Jesus abiding in me, I think of Him filling me up inside and trying to shine through me, and it makes my prayer less of me, Lord, and more of You.

Thank you so much for sharing this passage. :o) It's wonderful to be reminded of that our strength is in God.

Tammy said...

Jodi, isn't it amazing how much we try to do in our own strength? When we come to the realization (again and again...for me at least!!) that our stregth is in the Lord, things work out so much better!

~Hannah Morrow~ said...

Those are beautiful verses.