Saturday, October 28, 2006

~Painting Complete...for now!~

We are finished painting the living room and dining room (minus the trim, of course). We chose the color on the right (post below), and I'm very happy with it. The color we had painted before (I mistakenly called it "Golden"--it's "Blonde") had quite a yellow glow to it, whereas the paint we chose does not. The intensity is the same, but there is not the yellow undertone to it. I'm quite happy with it.

Is there a difference in the pictures? Hmmm...with the flash, and computer monitors, there probably isn't much of a difference. However, there's a huge difference to me!

I was asked how we went about choosing the colors. First of all, my kitchen was painted in a creamy butter yellow. Since the kitchen is open to the dining room, I had to choose a color that would work with the kitchen's already painted walls. If the kitchen was closed off, I wouldn't have been as concerned with making sure the paint colors went with the kitchen.

My office manager does a lot of the selections for the interiors, and she is the one who helped me figure out what colors would work best. We used the paint chip from the kitchen (left), picked out a suitable green, and then a neutral color for the living room. The paint chip on the right is the one which has the final living room paint on it, the one right next to it is the one which has the original paint on it. You can see that the one has quite a yellow undertone to it.'s nice to see my floor again! I haven't seen it for over a week!


Jodi said...

It looks really good, Tammy; I like your final choice! :o)

Emma said...

It looks great Tammy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like that green! I have a lil issue with our 3 rooms (kitchen, dining room, living room and stairway going to the upstairs hallway all being wide open and also connecting, so I have been so confused about how to go about painting that all the walls are still white. It drives me nuts, having lived in an apartment my whole life, until this Spring, white to me is an "apartment" color....ROFL! I would like some kind of warm muted mustardy yellow for the living room...... *sigh*... I definitely don't want all the rooms the same color. I wonder what would go well with that color?


Susan said...

It looks great, Tammy!

abrightnewdawn said...

I like the second yellow best, too!! My mom did the same thing, only with a professional painter. She came in to discover that she ABSOLUTELY could not live with the color of her walls, and had to have it all repainted. :) He was understanding, but I'm learning a lot from OTHER people finding out!!
It all looks great, Tammy!!

Arlene said...

It's really coming together, Tammy! I can't wait to see the final product!!!

Tammy said...

Holly, we can always find something else to paint. ;-)

Thank you, everyone! I still like the final colors! =)

Jammy, my suggestion for picking out colors is to look at decorating magazines/books and find coordinating colors that you like. And I highly recommend getting a quart of test paint! =)

Unknown said...

I love that second yellow! Looks like it's all coming together nicely for you. :)

Jammy, I felt the same way when we moved into our house - I can't stand white walls, so every room is a different (bright) color. Altogether, it's very soothing and homey, though.