Thursday, February 15, 2007

~Pampered Chef Party~

Tonight I had my very first Pampered Chef party! It was a lot of fun! We had the most delicious chicken orange salad I've ever had, and trifle for dessert! Yummy!

I was a little nervous, thinking no one would show up, but I had five guests. And you know what? It was perfect for our house. Of course, more guests could have been accommodated. =)

I'm not trying to make sales off my blog readers or anything *grin* but if you'd like to place an online order through my show, please send me an e-mail and I can send you the link you'll need. This month's sale is one piece of stoneware for 20% off. I think that's a pretty good sale! The two shows that I've gone to have just had small gifts on orders over a certain dollar amount.

This was definitely something outside my comfort zone. I would not make a good sales person. I had a hard time going up to people and inviting them to my party. Why? Because I was asking them to come to my house and buy something. But Pampered Chef makes great kitchen tools, and the parties are always fun.

Oh, and I learned something new tonight. If you're going to cook garlic after mincing it, let it sit for 15 minutes so that the something or others have a chance to act. If you don't let it sit for the 15 minutes, the taste is there, but the nutritional value is not. Interesting. Sorry, I don't have the technical terms for it all. LOL

And: I have another thing to cross off my 101 List! =)


Cherish the Home said...

I am considering hosting a Pampered Chef party myself. I haven't because most of the people I know are from church and they've all had parties but then I got to thinking....I bought stuff from all of them sooo turn about is fair play, doncha think?! (o;

I love my large batter bowl so much that I ordered another one just like it! Now I have two, perfect! (o:

theups said...

OOOHHHHH!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pampered Chef and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pampered Chef parties!! I think they are SO much fun!!! I've never had one but you've got me thinking about hostessing one!!! Friends, food, fun, fabulous cookware!!! Oh my!! Maybe I need to have one soon!!!

I'm sure y'all had a blast!! Do you happen to have that recipe?? :)

Mrs. U

Jodi said...

This was definitely something outside my comfort zone.

I can relate! I've never hosted this sort of party. Good for you that you bit the bullet and did it! :o) I'm glad it went well for you and very glad you had such a good turnout!

Jennwith4 said...

I love my stoneware pan and need some more. Which piece is 20% off? Hmmmm. I hope you get a lot of great goodies from your party!

Tammy said...

Mrs. B, you should have a party! =) Your friends who have hosted a party within the last year will get the hostess price of the month too. So they still have incentive to come!

Mrs. U, I'll have to look for the recipe and see if I have it. The chef did not pass out the recipes, but I believe she gave me the recipe book that had the recipes in it.

Thanks, Jodi!

Jennifer, the only piece of stoneware that is not part of this special is the deep dish cooker.

Momma Roar said...

Home parties are great, but that is because I'm a consultant:) I love that it gets me some time outside of the house! I've never done a pampered chef before though.
I'm not sure how I got here, but I like your blog! I like to knit and sew too, in fact, I'm working on a camoflauge quilt/blanket for a 5yo at our church with leukemia (he's in my son's Sunday School class). I hope to post pictures when I'm done.
Enough about me...your blog is cool!

Mishel said...

I love Pampered Chef too. I haven't been to a party in a while though. I think my favorite thing is my food chopper. It works great! Oh...and the garlic press. : )

HsKubes said...

I love Pampered Chef.
I love their pizza stones and other miscellaneous things.
A Pampered Chef party sounds like fun.

Thanks for sharing the garlic tip.

~ Christina
HsKubes' Haven at Home

Kristi said...

I do love Papmered Chef!! :)


Unknown said...

I still have my Baking Stone that I purchased 10 years ago. We use it quite often.