Saturday, February 10, 2007

~Winter Weather~

We sure have had our share of snow and cold weather lately! The snow is just beautiful—while you’re inside, that is! Last Saturday, approximately 1/3 of the state even got blizzard status! This was the first official blizzard we’ve experienced since moving here from California. What a lot of snow! The temps are just downright miserable though! We’ve had bitterly cold “arctic air”. I sure will be glad when this cold snap is gone! After this 30° will feel like summertime!


Anonymous said...

I understand about the bitter cold! Although we do not get a lot of snow here the temperatures plummet lower than I like. I prefer the temps to be 30 degrees and above! Today is sunny and our temperatures are in the 20s - it is almost like spring outside!

I have a question for you, but do not feel you have to answer if it is too personal. You have mentioned wearing skirts on your blog before, and I would like to know: Do you wear skirts in this cold winter weather? If so, how do you keep warm? I can wear skirts all spring and summer, but once the cold weather hits I layer on thermal underwear, wool socks, and pants in effort to stay warm. Other than church, I do not wear skirts in the winter because I just cannot stay warm. Pardon my prying - I admire women who can wear a skirt all the time.

Jennwith4 said...

Fun in the sun! Yucky cold weather, Tammy. So sorry about the cold snap. The weather hasn't been nice here but surely alot nicer than where you are. I hope it warms up for you guys soon.

Jodi said...

*flannel pj's
*cozy robe
*woolly socks
*fuzzy slippers
*hot chocolate
*warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies
*snuggly blanket
*a really good book on tape
OR some wonderful music
*a pair of knitting needles
*fabulous yarn
*comfy couch
*warm fire
*your honey!;o)

All my wishes for you, dear Tammy, in this frightfully bitter weather! :o) Stay WARM! :oD

Tammy said...

Heather, I do wear skirts/dresses only year round. I do not have to be out in the cold too long anyhow, so it really doesn't bother me that much. I have found that if I have a scarf and gloves on, it goes a long way to keeping me warm on the way back and forth from the car. I also wear tights and Cuddleduds. The Cuddleduds I fold up so they are just below my knees. (I really need to hem them up shorter, then I wouldn't have to fold them up! LOL) Oh, and I don't wear skirts made out of thin materials. When I see teen girls trudging through the snow in their bare legs and feet, with strappy sandals on, I shake my head in disbelief!

Jennifer, thanks! Our cold weather pattern is supposedly going to "hold" through the end of this month. I don't think the groundhog was right this year. LOL

Jodi, great list! =)

Julieann said...

Ditto, what Jodi said--that was cute:)

Warm vibes your way---->