Friday, February 09, 2007

~Your Questions Answered~

Yeah! Someone asked questions!!! *Smiles*

Julieann asked,

You had mentioned to me about living in California--can you post a little bit about it. Have you ever been to my town in San Clemente. What made you leave?

When I was nine years old, my parents moved us to California. We lived in the Central Valley, which is where a lot of the happy California Cows live too. ;-) Only, I don't know how happy they are...dairy farms are quite stinky affairs, if you ask me! LOL

When I got married, I moved up to the Bay Area, which is where my husband was already living. We lived there for three years, then moved further north.

We moved to Michigan when my husband took a position as youth pastor at a small country church. We are not in full-time ministry now, but we are active in our church.

I do not believe I've been in San Clemente. I just looked it up on Mapquest, and it's further south from our normal travels while we were living in California.

Also, I also noticed that both of our husbands name is Kevin (lol) How did you meet him?

I have a whole post on that, complete with pictures, here.

And last, but not least--when did you learn to knit? Did you teach yourself or did you have some one help you?

When I was a teenager, an older lady in my church took an interest in me, and had me come over to her house. She taught me how to knit, but not really how to follow a pattern.

I didn't do anything with knitting for quite a few years, since I couldn't follow a pattern. Crochet was my main crafting passion during that time. Then someone gave me some yarn, and I made a scarf out of it. It was just knit back and forth in garter stitch. It turned out so wide and long, that I never really wear it! LOL

Kevin got some money as a Christmas gift, and wanted me to make him a scarf. I wanted something nicer than just garter stitch, so I went to the library and checked out a children's knitting book. From that book, I learned how to follow a pattern. Three years later, Kevin got his scarf. LOL It wasn't exactly my fastest project ever! But now that I have gotten into knitting, I have sped up. Also, knitting is the "in" thing these days, so it is easier to find books and patterns at the library.

Thanks for asking questions, Julieann! If anyone else has questions, go ahead and ask! =)


Mishel said...

I had wondered too, where you lived in California. Good question! : )

Charree said...

I was reading the story on how you and your husband met. I found it kind of fun that my DH and I's first date consisted of pizza, mini-golf, and ice cream. How funny is that? I pick at my sister about first dates and tell her not to go play mini-golf unless she really likes the guy.LOL

Julieann said...

Tammy, thank you for answering my questions---it was fun to read and to learn about you:) Do you ever see yourself moving back here?

I think I am going to check out a children's book to learn how to knit---my grandma knits beautifully, but her eyes are failing her, so it is hard for her to teach me now.