Tuesday, February 20, 2007


In looking back over my blog archives, I realize I talk about the weather a lot. The weather interests me, so much so that I listen to the news each morning mainly to hear the weather.

I'm no weather expert by any means. I just want to know what's happening in my little corner of the world!

I suppose another reason that the weather is so interesting to me is that it is always changing. I grew up in California, and in summer the weather was hot. No rain, no changes in the weather, except perhaps it gets hotter the next day! And summer was definitely the longest season. When we moved here, we were told that if we didn't like the weather, to just wait 5 minutes, and it would probably change. Sometimes it seems like that is the case!

And then other times (like the last few weeks!) the weather pattern holds. I'm glad that the weather has finally changed! Now the temperatures are more tolerable. The snow is all melting away. But we're not to worry, we'll probably get quite a few more snow showers before this winter is over; and probably after the official first day of spring. *Smiles*

Do you like the weather where you live? I really like the distinct seasons here! I will not lie and say I like the cold weather though!


Kelli said...

Hi Tammy!
I'm glad to see there is someone else who enjoys weather too. :0) I love to go to weather.com and look at the maps and see what is happening around the U.S and Canada. I guess I should have been a weathergirl..hehe


Jennwith4 said...

Our weather could be the always changing weather. On Saturday it was hot and sunny then on Sunday it was cold and overcast with a slight drizzle then on Monday the warm sunny weather was back again.

Kristi said...

I must say I would much rather be cold than hot. I swell like a puffy fish when I'm hot.

And no, I do not like the weather we've had here in the Piedmont of the Carolinas. But only because the sickness here has been so bad and we really need a good dose of COLD to kill these germs. If it weren't for that, the weather would be nice. We've gone almost all winter able to wear just a sweater during the day. I am thankful, though, for the snow my children were able to enjoy one day a few weeks ago. They had such fun.


Rean Day said...


I have lived so many places in my life (military child) and experienced so many different climates (desert, new england, mountains, tropical) that I can truly say I adjust to the weather. SW PA has been pretty good for the past 5 years. Although I moved here from Maine where winter lasted 6 months out of the year!! I do enjoy the change of seasons, but around February I am anxious to see spring and that makes bearing the winter much harder. I am thankful for the warm weather we are having this week. It gets my hopes up. I am just believing it sticks around. I guess overall I enjoy weather and I simply adjust to what I have been given.

Sharon said...

Tammy, I must be addicted to weather because I am always checking in at weather.com and I, too, turn on the news each morning to check out the weather report.

I grew up in central FL where the seasons were hot, hotter, and hottest. ;) I love where I'm living now. We get four distinct seasons evenly spaced throughout the year.

Momma Roar said...

I like our weather in SE Pennsylvania. Fall is my favorite time of year with the color of the leaves. Each season last long enough that I'm usually ready for the next when it comes!
Happy Blogging! Thanks for letting me visit!

rachel said...

'Want to know something weird? When I clicked your name on my bloglines, your September 10, 2006 post came up. I had to click and see what was going on because you were talking about how it is finally fall...What a hoot! Another blogger blunder, I guess. :oD
The snow was melting here this morning, but now we are in for a few more inches overnight. Enjoy your afternoon...

Jenn said...

Oh yeah, New England is definitely known for its finicky weather...it could be sunny & warm one minute and drop 20 degrees overnight....always unpredictable...however I do enjoy the changing seasons for sure! I could do without winter, honestly.....LOL!!


TO BECOME said...

I like the weather on the Gulf Coast of Texas. It has been around 70 for most of this week and later in the week it is supposed to be in the mid 70's. Beautiful sunshine but in the summer it is very hot sometimes. Spring time is always beautiful. It has been nice visiting. Connie from Texas

Sis. Julie said...

The weather here is alright. We really only have two distinct seasons. Winter and summer. We don't get much spring or fall. They just don't last any time at all. Its been near 70* here and is to continue with that trend from what I can see on the forecast. I sure would like to see some snow though!!