Tuesday, March 18, 2008

~Spring Cleaning, Kitchen Part 2~

After the refrigerator I moved on to the cabinet under the sink. Since I already had my vacuum out (I vacuumed the coils on the back of the fridge), I vacuumed all the crud out from under the sink, and quickly swiped it out. I keep the trash under the sink, so I sanitized the trash can also.

I have a cabinet that is kind of off to the side of the kitchen, tall and large. I keep my recycle bins in here, as well as my cleaners. The recycles were towering in there, ready to become a monster and jumble about the house.
;-) Those were taken out to the garage and the recycle bins cleaned too.

The stove top has been cleaned - I just have to work on those pesky drip pans.

Amy's list looks like this:
Day 1: Clean refrigerator (inside). Vacuum coils.
Day 2: Deep clean floor.
Day 3: Organize pantries.
Day 4: Clean outside of fridge and under sink. Clean cooktop.
Day 5: Cut the clutter.
Day 6: Final tidy! (clean counters, stuff on counters, dining room table, windows, trash can, exterior of cabinets).

For Amy's full explanations, please visit her site!

As you can see, I'm mixing things up a bit. Amy suggested designating 1 hour per day, which is a good suggestion. However, with the way my week looks, I'm trying to accomplish more on several days, rather than spread out the tasks. Also, I'm saving the floor for last since I'm a messy cleaner! :-)


Tori Leslie said...

Looks good, You have a pretty good size list, I'm sure it'll be done in no time at all.

Happy cleaning!

Jennwith4 said...

Very nice!

Mom of Five said...

Doesn't spring cleaning feel wonderful? I just finished my house last week, and it felt great!

I am a messy cleaner too, and dh says I often get my clothes dirtier than whatever it was I was cleaning in the first place. He's one of those people who can clean or work on almost anything (except the car) and stay spotless. Me? I'm going to get ink all over my hands just writing the grocery list, so I am hopeless.

Amy said...

Everything looks so great, Tammy! Great job on your spring cleaning- I am so proud of you!!

Heather K said...

your closet looks great! Where did you find your green containers? They look exactly like what I'm in need of for my recycle closet!