Thursday, March 20, 2008

~Spring Cleaning, Kitchen Part 3~

As mentioned on Tuesday, my refrigerator and cabinet under the sink are shiny clean. I started on the stovetop on Tuesday, and today I finally got the drip pans cleaned and back on. My stovetop is 30+ years old, so it is not the prettiest sight. (Hmmm I'm 30+, hope the same can't be said of me. ;-) ) It is not easy to clean, which means I don't do it often enough. I need to add this chore to my list and get it done on a regular basis, wouldn't that be smart?

Today's accomplishments: pantry and a few drawers. I had recently gone through them, so everything just needed straightening. Also I decided to let go of some canned pickles that I put up in the summer of '04. With all the salt and vinegar, I have no doubt that they were still fine to eat, but the trouble with them was that I never liked the way they turned out in the first place!!! So 8 jars--contents down the disposal! Now I don't have to look at them in my cupboard any more!

I did find some things to give to the thrift store, but not much. I also straightened my cookbook shelf. It is nice to have this shelf in the kitchen, but I admit it is a magnet for clutter!

I still have a few cupboards to straighten and wipe out, then I have general surface cleaning left.

My goodness, it feels so good to get things sparkling again!

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