Saturday, December 12, 2009

~Christmas gifts~

I just love the Christmas season! I love the music, the weather (especially when we get to go to California and escape the snow! LOL), picking out perfect presents for loved ones, and of course celebrating our Savior's birth!

We've decided to start the tradition of giving three gifts to The Baby for Christmas. I have seen this several places, and I really liked the idea!

Each gift represents one of the gifts the Wise Men brought to Jesus. I've seen several different ways to do this, but this is the way we chose:

something to treasure
something to grow spiritually
something for the body

This year, the gift to treasure is Sophie the Giraffe:

The second gift, CBH Ministries' Songtime Vol. 2:

And the last gift, three hairbows from Briar Claire:

I really think that this "formula" for gift-giving will be something that will grow well along with The Baby.

Images from each respective link above them.


Susan said...

I think that's a good tradition! Baby will have some sweet memories as she grows up. Love those hairbows!

Open Roads Mama said...

what a great idea! love the presents :)