Wednesday, July 28, 2010

~Refrigerator Pickles~

There is a family at church who has a large garden, and they often bring excess produce to church to give away. I picked up some pickling cucumbers two Sundays ago and decided to make refrigerator pickles.

I started looking online for recipes, but all the recipes I was pulling up were loaded with sugar. I didn't want any sugar in them, much less 4 cups. But finally I found this recipe on (formerly and I gave it a whirl.

They are so good! I love how they turned out. As I was making them, I thought that really, they're about the same amount of work as canned pickles, the only exception really being the water bath. But I like them a lot, and I'm glad I didn't can them. The only changes I made to the recipe were that I used sea salt instead of pickling salt, and I decreased the amount to a half cup. Also I decreased the amount of garlic to two cloves per jar.

I'm saving the brine as the pickles get eaten, so that I can make more. My daughter and cucumber-hating husband enjoy these pickles too, and I love them so I want to keep a good supply in the fridge! The only thing I'm not sure on is how long they will keep in the fridge? Any ideas?

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Charity said...

They look yummy! I love cucumbers and I'm enjoying all I can get out of my little garden. :)