Monday, September 13, 2010

~Kids Clothes Week Challenge~

Next week is Kids Clothes Week Challenge at elsie marley. I decided to jump in! The challenge is to spend one hour each day sewing, kid's clothing obviously. This week I plan to spend some time cutting out several projects, so I can sit down and start sewing on Monday.

I went through my daughter's clothes and she has plenty of play clothes in her current size for fall and winter, but she has only one nice dress for church. So I would like to make some church clothes for her.

I'm excited about this challenge!


Melody said...

Fun! I'd love to join in, but am not sure I could find that much time a day to sew. It sounds like it'd be great though!!

Tammy said...

Melody, I saw on someone else's blog that they are going to do several hours on one day, to make up for the day(s) they can't sew at all.

I am excited, because I have a dress, a jumper and a little skirt refashion all cut out and waiting to go!