Thursday, June 13, 2013

~Race to the Finish~

When you aren't sure if you have enough of something, say bobbin thread, do you work faster? I always do! As if sewing faster is going to make the thread last longer?

I am going through my yarn bin trying to clear out some of the yarn, and I decided to make my daughter a doll blanket. Not that her dolls need another blanket, but I thought I should have enough yarn. Plus, someone crocheted me a doll blanket when I was little, and I always liked it. :)

I'm crocheting as fast as I can to find out if I'll have enough!


Anonymous said...

For real!

Ruth said...

She will love it. (Did you get distracted from clearing out your yarn?)

Tammy said...

Ruth, actually I'm attempting to use yarn up, to clear my bin out that way. It's either use it or lose it! :D