Tuesday, June 18, 2013

~Oatmeal for...lunch~

I belong to a buying club, which is very handy for getting a good price on whole foods. My last order, though, I made a mistake. It was late (I had gotten out of bed to get my order emailed by the deadline), and I grabbed an order number, an item description, and a price, all from three different items. You have to be really talented to make that kind of mistake! ;-) Instead of getting 25 pounds of regular rolled oats, I got 25 pounds of quick oats. What to do with so many oats? I rarely buy quick oats, so I was a little flummoxed by having so many at hand!

Thankfully I found some friends who desired quick oats, and I was only left with about 9 pounds. Much better! I can do this. ;-) I mixed up a quadruple batch of chocolate oatmeal to have on hand for my daughter, and I've used it several times for baking.

And I've had it twice for lunch. Hey, it works in a pinch! And I do have a lot of oatmeal on hand! :-)


Anonymous said...

How 'bout oatmeal apple muffins, oatmeal bread, and oatmeal crasin cookies?

Tammy said...

Good ideas! All better than oatmeal for lunch. ;-)