Thursday, June 20, 2013

~Something to Think About~

Someone shared the following with me, and it has been incredibly helpful to me:

I do the things I do, and
I feel the things I feel, because
I think the things I think.

To change the way you feel, start with your thoughts. Stop yourself in your tracks when thinking wrong thoughts (of bitterness, anger, whatever your wrong thoughts might be). Confess them to the Lord.

Changing your thoughts will change your actions.

In time, changing your thoughts, along with changing your actions, will change your feelings. It won't be instantaneous, but in time, your feelings will come along!

When I am having trouble with my feelings, I try to remember this and go back to what I am thinking about. Then I can change my thoughts, which changes my actions, which eventually changes my feelings.


Anonymous said...

Great advice. How do you handle it when you feel totally normal inside, but the reality is the you that the outside is , is totally not what your mind sees?

Tammy said...

Are you referring to emotional feelings vs. physical well-being? I don't have experience with long-term health problems but I know from my back problems I've experienced that physical problems do effect my feelings. Wrong thinking is something I have to fight against when I am limited by what I can't do by my back issues.

Does that kind of answer your question? I feel like I'm unequipped to answer it!

robinhood said...

That sounds like a blessing to me. How blessed to see the joy of the Lord shine through the countenance even when there is turmoil all around. Nana Sherwood

Charity said...

So very true and my way of thinking is something that the Lord has been working on me about. :) I heard a talk recently about neuroplasticity so very interesting and applies to what you said! We can change the way we think - build new brain pathways! We can totally change our brain and control our reactions to things. My reactions still aren't all right, but I am working on it - starting with my thoughts!

It so interesting how, when you are dealing with an issue, God uses so many different ways to help you think! Thanks for sharing this!

Tammy said...

Charity, that is interesting about building new brain pathways!

It definitely takes time, and is not something I've "arrived" at - I'm a work in progress. :)