Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another "This and That" post

This morning it was so cold outside! As we walked from the parking lot to our office building, I held my scarf over my face. Otherwise, it hurt my nose to breathe! I think we're due for some snow sometime soon. It's funny to think that my family in California is getting ready to plant their garden, and we're getting snow!

I can still dream of gardening though! Last year we moved into our new house so late in the season, that I didn't plant anything. This year I am planting double-flowered impatiens in my front flower beds. While I am certain of what I'm planting in the front, I'm still debating what to do on the side. I would like to plant perennials, but I can't make up my mind about them. I sent off for about six gardening catalogs, so I look over those and try to get ideas.

I now understand why so many knitters like to make socks:
1. They are a quick project (usually).
2. They are fun to make.
3. They don't cost an arm and a leg to make.

I have been wanting to make a sweater for myself, so last Saturday I went to a yarn shop and purchased the pattern and yarn for a sweater. I'm pleased with my selection, but it did cost quite a bit! This sweater had better be the best sweater I've ever laid my eyes on!

Susan's Flylady blog inspired me to do some of my own decluttering. Last night while I was making dinner, I had a few minutes, and I got one of my cabinets cleaned out. Everything went back in, but the shelves got wiped down, and things got put back in a more orderly fashion. I don't like cleaning out my cabinets, but it only took me a few minutes! I'm going to try to do a cabinet/drawer a night while dinner is cooking. It's amazing how fast things get out of order! (And equally amazing how little time it takes to put it back in order!!!)

I suppose this has been enough "this's and that's"! Blessings to all! Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't even thought of the what to plant this year. I guess because we still need to get some other yard items that I'm thinking the money is going towards those. Maybe I'll just put some petunias in the front to make it look better, but I really want to focus on the back yard this year.