Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Old Socks

Last night I pulled out a pair of socks to wear to bed (have to keep my feet warm!), and realized that they were socks I've had forever. OK, not really "forever", but a pretty long time!

I'm 29 years old, and I've had them since I was 16 years old or so. I remember getting them--they were in a package that had three different pairs in them. I liked all three pairs, but alas, the other two pairs were doomed to a sad demise.

My mom had put all the socks to be matched in a paper grocery sack.

Someone called and said they were coming by.

We also put our trash in paper grocery sacks. Get the picture? As we picked up the living room to ready it for our visitors, we put the trash into the sock bag. The sock bag went out with the trash before we realized we were missing socks.

Since the socks hadn't been matched in a while, most of our socks were in that bag. My mom had to then go out and buy socks for the whole family! I don't recall her putting socks into a paper grocery sack anymore! (Hmmmm...I wonder why???)

It's too bad that the other two pairs got thrown out! I might still be wearing them! LOL


rlhilliard said...

I'm pretty sure none of my socks are 'old', but I do still have the sweatshirt with goofy on it that Kevin gave me. I forget how old I was.

annecourager said...

You know, if I wear socks to bed, my feet get COLD! Not sure how that works out.

And socks are my least favorite part of doing laundry. Especially the stranded socks that lie around and WAIT for a mate to show up. I need to institute a rehabilitation program for these homeless, mateless socks; but no, they just lie around on top of my cedar chest, limp and lonely. Maybe this will be my February sock resolution: if it ain't showed up in a week, then it ain't GONNA show up, so it's off to the cleaning rag bag for you!