Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bye, bye old washer!

Last Thursday while I was finishing up my ironing, I was running the washing machine as well, catching up on laundry. Since we had gotten back from our Christmas vacation, the washer was making a lot of noise each time I used it.

Well, last week it stopped making noise. Instead, it started leaking! Thankfully there is a drain on the floor near the washer, but still, to have our washer leaking did not indicate anything good!

We discussed our options. We got the washer with our house, and as I looked through the manuals, I found out that the washer was already 19 years old. We didn't really want to pay to have someone come out and fix it, not knowing if it was fixable in the first place.

Our second option was to buy. We went to Home Depot to look, and the salesman (when he finally got around to coming by!) was really pushing a certain brand that was out of our price range. We didn't like the fact that he was pushing it so much.

Then we headed out to Lowes. They had some sales going, and in the end we got a Frigidaire washer and dryer. They just put out a new model, so this one had gone down in price, as well as being on sale. Oh--and the salesman told us why they were pushing the other model so much at Home Depot--it is made overseas, so the profit margin is greater for the company.

We get our new washer and dryer on Saturday. I am looking forward to getting them! I don't think I will even mind the trek up and down the basement stairs in order to use them (um, for a while anyhow! Hahaha).

The washer is a front loader. Since we pay for city water, we're hoping it will really cut our bill down, as well as our gas. So...should I do laundry or not this week? It's a good excuse to not do any! =)

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rlhilliard said...

isn't it great to have new appliances!? I'm so happy we have a new washer/dryer. I think you're going to love it.