Friday, February 24, 2006

Company's Coming!

We are having our pastor and his family over for dinner tonight.

On the menu:
lasagna (a wonderful recipe I got from my sister-in-law, Rebecca)
garlic bread
brownies and ice cream for dessert

Last night as I readied the house for company, I had four-minute breaks scattered throughout the evening. Why four minutes? Because I was watching the ice skating too! :-)

I think the commentators talked about the new scoring system during each skater's performance. ALL RIGHT ALREADY! I know about it now! LOL

When I was younger, I used to dream about ice "fun" it would be. Having been on ice skates just once as an adult, I realize how unfun that would be. It takes a lot of work. I couldn't/wouldn't want to do off the ice what they do on the ice! Hat's off to them, and all the hard work they put into it to make it seem so effortless!


Anonymous said...

that lasagna is good! make sure no one is allergic to mushrooms though. We have a guy here that is. have fun tonight!

Tammy said...

Too late to find out about the mushrooms! LOL I don't think they have any food allergies though.

Sara1977 said...

OK, so what's this wonderful lasagna that you are teasing us with and not telling us how to make it? LOL Hope you have a wonderful time tonight!

annecourager said...


My dear SIL is a casserole queen. Lasagna will be great. What you SHOULD have had was something like salmon and make them all scratch their heads in wonderment at how in the world they'd get through the meal without causing offense. (I think my dear niece is the only one who will eat seafood in that branch of the family tree). Enjoy enjoy! I wish I were there. :'(