Monday, February 20, 2006

Our New Washer and Dryer

Rebecca asked:
Did you get your washer/dryer? how are they?

We got our washer and dryer on Saturday. The cold water valve wouldn't turn off all the way, so the delivery guys didn't want to force it and be liable if it broke. So they just delivered them, they didn't hook up the washer (they can't hook up the dryer any how, since it's gas). Two minutes after they left, Kevin was able to turn off the valve. He got everything hooked up just fine.

I really love the washer and dryer! It's so nice to have something that is "ours". We've never had our own washer and dryer until we bought this house. The washer that came with the house was disgusting. It took me over an hour to get the inside of the washer clean enough to put dirty clothes in! Anyhow, we're glad we got them, and I'm happy we got the front-loader. We'll see if it really does help lower our water bills!

I have a couch FULL of laundry. Gettting that all taken care of is on tonight's agenda!

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rlhilliard said...

that is great! it is weird...we have the potential to have a gas hookup with our dryer...but...we don't...neither did the people that lived there before us. Not sure why...I guess that is why we don't. John might know. =)