Thursday, February 02, 2006

Three Cheers for Kevin!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!


Last night Kevin put up the blinds in the hallway window for me, and fixed the bathtub! We have a clawfoot bathtub, and one of the claws (feet?) came off. Actually, we've been having a problem with it popping off every once in a while, whenever it sees fit to come off. So Kevin fixed it last night. It involved a lot of ingenuity on his part, and some clothesline and duct tape! LOL Last night when he informed me that he fixed it, he had the duct tape in his hands, and said, "That should do it!" I asked if you could see the duct tape, and he said, "It depends on how you look at it." So with much fear and trepidation, I walked into the bathroom to see what he had done. *Phew!* As he said, it depends on how you look at it. Well, you pretty much have to lay on the floor under the tub to see the duct tape. Which, I hardly think any of our visitors will do! =)

The blinds look great as well. They are part of my redecorating project, and hopefully soon I will get that hallway absolutely finished! As I was taking off the painting tape, I was noticing spots that need touching up with the main color. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike painting?


rlhilliard said...

LOL! such a tease...glad you can't see the duct tape. I would've worried to. Nice to have things fixed. =)

Dell said...

Well, when *I* come to visit, I'll be SURE to get down under the tub to look. ;)

Susan said...

I'll join Dell under there! LOL That duct tape is amazing stuff, eh?!

Tammy said...

Susan and Dell, I would be more than happy for you to look under my tub! What fun I would have if you were to visit me! :)