Tuesday, August 07, 2007

~Back to Homeschool Week~

Well, I'm not exactly a homeschooler. However, I am a homeschool graduate, so I thought I would participate in Randi's "Back to Homeschool Week", in the hopes that it would be an encouragement to the parents reading these posts. Instead of participating each day, I will address each of the topics in one post.

What led to your parent's decision to homeschool?

In the summer before 5th grade, my family moved. I had always attended Christian schools, and the area that we moved to did not have any Christian schools (that would have been close enough for us to attend). I was actually quite excited about homeschooling, because the previous two years had not been very fun for me. I'm sure I contributed to the problems, but my class was small (6 students in my grade), and there were three girls. What is it about three girls not being able to get along???

How were you homeschooled?

For the first three years, my parents schooled me through a satellite program. This worked out well for my parents because they were new to homeschooling. All the curriculum was sent to my parents, and then they sent my work back on a regular basis, and my grades were issued from them. After 7th grade, my parents decided to keep their own records and buy my curriculum directly. The problem with the satellite program was that my parents didn't have a choice in the curriculum used.

Getting out there...

My parents belonged to a homeschool group, and we went to church, had friends, and visited with family members. I never participated in sports (I wasn't interested anyhow). I took piano lessons for a bit, and when my mom's parents moved into the area, we had "sewing lessons" from my grandma every week.


After the afore-mentioned satellite program, my parents bought most of my curriculum from A Beka, math from Saxon.

School is school, and so I can't say that I loved every minute of it, but then, I'm sure that no one can say that! I feel very privileged to have been home-educated, and I'm thankful for the extra time that my parents invested in my education.

I'll leave you with my mom's quote, which I often heard when I needed to be studying, or complained about my work:
It doesn't have to be fun, it just has to be done!


I Was Just Thinking.... said...

Thanks for posting. It's good to hear from the student's perspective.

Heather said...

Tammy, I am not sure if you went to college or not. If you did, did you run into any problems by being home schooled?

Jodi said...

I'm so glad you did this Tammy. Very fun to read from a graduate! :o)