Sunday, August 19, 2007

~Ode to the Food Chopper~

Is it possible to have an ode to Pampered Chef products two days in a row???

Yesterday we had company, and in my haste at the grocery store, I bought pineapple chunks instead of crushed pineapple. I only discovered my mistake when I opened the can. What to do? Use my food chopper to quickly make crushed pineapple! It was perfect! It wouldn't have looked any different than the canned crushed pineapple, were I to have purchased the correct can!

Something I routinely use my food chopper for is chopped nuts. I don't typically use it for vegetables, but I will on occasion. It is a helpful tool to have in my kitchen!

Image from Pampered Chef.
This post is not sponsored by Pampered Chef.


Tori said...

Oh I love my chopper, I've used it so much it's cracked and a bit stained but still it CHOPS!!!

A Note From Theresa said...

I had one on those choppers, and it recently got broke. I was so upset, I miss my chopper. lol

Mishel said...

This is by far, my *favorite* PC product! I love it!! : )

Tammy C said...

My husband is the one in the family to buy food gadgets.I think I won't tell him about your latest blog entries about Pampered Chef!!