Thursday, August 02, 2007

~Buttermilk and Eggs~

One of my most favorite memories of my childhood revolves around a simple shopping trip. My family was visiting my mom’s parents, and my grandma needed some ingredients at the grocery store. She asked my grandpa to run to the store and get “butter, milk and eggs.” I got to go along with my grandpa, and as we got into the car, he said, “We’re going to trick grandma and get buttermilk and eggs!” Oh, I could hardly wait! This was going to be SOOOO fun! We, of course, got butter, milk, eggs, and buttermilk, because I’m sure that while Grandpa enjoyed a good joke, he didn’t want to have to go back out to the store!

Somehow my grandma wasn’t tricked, but it was still fun anyhow! And my grandpa and I both enjoyed a glass of buttermilk that afternoon!

Recently, there were two different bloggers who mentioned buttermilk. And of course, I had to put it down on my shopping list! I just love buttermilk, but I rarely buy it. Buttermilk is definitely an acquired taste, and thankfully (LOL) Kevin hasn’t acquired a taste for it. So that meant more for me. *Grin*

Ahhh…memories. I don’t often drink buttermilk, but when I do, I always think of my grandpa and our shopping trip!


annecourager said...

Yeah, I have always wondered about those people who drink buttermilk... :)

I only use it in recipes! :) And if I don't have any, I fudge it by putting a Tbsp of cider vinegar in a cup and filling the rest up with milk.

Cute story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

I love, love, love buttermilk IN baked goods yet cannot stand the taste of it plain. Go figure:)


Jammy said...

I only use it in baking as well, but I sure loved reminiscing with you! How sweet ;)

cherylharrell said...

Wow, that's a neat story. I like buttermilk too. I got the taste for it from my dad. I don't drink it too often tho. My dad always said he liked to drink a glas of it every day at work for lunch when he worked. He still drinks it... :)

Jodi said...

Oh Tammy, what a wonderful memory and a great story!! I totally agree, buttermilk is an acquired taste ... one I have *not* acquired yet. My folks both love buttermilk. Maybe they were hiding it from *us* and that's why my sister and I never learned to enjoy it. ;o)

Sarai said...

Boy, the mention of buttermilk does bring up the memories! I recall fondly sitting with my Grandparents at their kitchen table and watching my Grandpa(whom we called Papaw) crumble a slice of fresh cornbread in a glass of buttermilk and eat it with a spoon!

Writing and Living said...

What a fun story!

My grandma drank buttermilk but I never liked it.

Once when I was about four, I was traveling with my parents and we stopped at a cafeteria-style restaurant to eat. Not being able to read, I grabbed a carton of buttermilk by mistake. I still shudder when I think about that surprise I got when I took a drink.

Mrs. U said...

What FUN memories!!!!

Does the buttermilk still taste as good as it did when you drank it with your grandpa?? :)

Mrs. U