Thursday, August 23, 2007

~To UPS~

Dear UPS driver,

Please do not park in front of my house if you do not have a package for me. Even though I may not be expecting any deliveries, it is still not very nice. Why, to have my hopes up like that only to see you walk across the street...that is more than I can take. From now on, please park in front of the house you are making the delivery to!

Thank you.


Mrs.B said...

LOL!! I can soooo relate!! (o;

Shari said...

i feel that way too. lol. it's so fun getting surprise packages, and when it turns out to NOT be for you, that's such a letdown. :)

Jammy said...

LOLOL!! I agree~hehe


Lauren Christine said...

chuckle, chuckle :) I've had the same issue!

Anonymous said...

The big brown truck came down my street just a little while ago as I was putting the garbage cans out on the street. I checked my mind to see if I was expecting anything...nope. Drats. LOL.
joanna :)

Stephanie said...

LOL This used to happen at my old house but now I live on a dirt road with a very long driveway. So if he makes all the way down here i know its for me!!