Tuesday, August 21, 2007

~Forecast for Tuesday: Tomatoes, Pins & Needles~

Yesterday I had a great day with my friend and her teenage daughter. We chatted, had lunch, and did a little sewing project together.

After they left, I went grocery shopping. I also stopped by a produce stand, and purchased a bushel of tomatoes. (At least, I think it was a bushel. For the most part, no one in California measures produce by bushels, pints, pecks, etc., you buy produce by the pound, so while I learned in fourth grade what each measurement holds, I never had the chance to apply my knowledge, so I didn't retain it. I guess I should learn it over again, since almost every produce stand in this area does use this form of measurement.) So where was I? Oh yes, tomatoes! I bought a lot of tomatoes. ;-) I have tomato plants in my garden, but I have a feeling they aren't doing too well...and when I saw how lovely these tomatoes looked...and the price wasn't too high...I came home with them!

I plan on canning them today. Last year I canned several pints from my garden, and I used them all up early in the winter. So this year I would definitely like to put up more. That's one thing on today's "to do" list.

The other thing (here's where the pins and needles come in!) is sewing! I have a custom sewing job. I'm making two aprons, and out the yummiest, scrummiest fabric. *grin*

I'll be back later on today to post pictures of my progress! Have a great day, whatever your forecast calls for!!!


Tammy C said...

Another day of 101!!

By the way I am going to use your cookie recipe-my daughter loves peanut butter cookies and we kill 2 stones by adding chocolate chips.

annecourager said...

I never like how my tomatoes turn out when I can them. Do you seed them first?

And I hate the spaghetti sauce I've tried to make. I prefer Prego or Ragu, honestly.

So kindly do share your tips and tricks, because I have a massive tomato harvest in my near future that I do not want to squander!

Mrs.B said...

YAY!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the progress on those aprons. (o;

Ashleigh said...

Oooh, I want to can tomatoes! :) Since we moved I've been looking for the farmer's market I heard was here, but to avail. I had all sorts of high expectations of buying fruit and veggies by the bushel and ending up with a pantry full of home-canned goods. Sigh. No such luck. ;)

Sara1977 said...

I've always heard that it's 60 pounds per bushel.
Have fun canning! I like to can tomato juice.