Friday, August 17, 2007

~Fabulous Cake~

One of the things on my 101 List is to make three "fabulous" desserts. Now, fabulous can indicate many different things regarding desserts, but since my dessert expertise lies in chocolate chip cookies, I think anything I try out of the ordinary will probably be fabulous in my book!

As soon as I saw Michelle's Pecan-Cream Sponge Cake recipe, I knew it was one I wanted to try! And try it, I did:

And if I do say so myself, it turned out fabulous! In order to make this cake, I had to purchase three cake pans, which added significantly to the cost. The recipe calls for coconut extract and butter extract, which of course were not in my pantry. But it was worth it! This cake is scrumptious! I will be making this cake again!


deb said...

Looks great Tammy; thanks for sharing the link to the recipe. Looks like a new one to try. I've always wondered what 'sponge' meant though.

Tammy said...

Deb, I think that "sponge" cake has something to do with the beaten egg whites. This recipe calls for six egg whites to be beaten until stiff, and then folded into the cake batter.

Here's an article on Wikipedia that explains sponge cake: click here.

Mrs.B said...

Oh Tammy not only does it look/sound delicious, it is beautiful! And your cake plate is very pretty too. (o:

Mrs. C said...

It really does look FABULOUS! At least you were able to add to your baking collection as a result of the extra $$ spent.

Mrs. C

Joyce's Ramblings said...

All I can say is Yum Yum.
God Bless

Jammy said...

Oh man that looks delish!!!


Mrs. U said...

OH YUM!!!! I've been making a lot of cakes lately for my... uh... family!! Yes!!! My family is requesting cakes!!! LOL!!

Seriously, there is something so special about making a cake. It makes me want to celebrate!! :)

I'm glad that you bought the pans and the extracts because now you have them on hand for NEXT TIME!! :)

Mrs. U

annecourager said...

Looks bee-you-tee-ful!

And having those three cake pans will be a good investment. You DID buy Wilton didn't you? :)