Thursday, August 23, 2007

~Wednesday Recap, Thursday To Do~

Yesterday I felt like I accomplished so much! I finished one apron and got the other one cut out. I would take a picture, but it is really overcast right now, so I know the picture wouldn't turn out well.

I also got my bike out and went for a little spin. Three and 19 hundredths miles, to be exact. LOL Even though it was quite warm and muggy, the breeze was blowing, so I had a nice ride. After my bike ride, I got a blanket out and sat in the back yard and knitted for a while. Actually, a very short while, because then the mugginess got to me, and I came inside.

On our way home from church last night we came through quite a bad storm. The rain was coming down so hard, we could hardly see. And people were coming at us with their high beams on, which made it doubly hard to see! We were very thankful to the Lord for bringing us through the storm safely.

Every single Wednesday as we go home from church, we see a man walking beside his bicycle, with a small grocery sack. We saw him out in the terrible storm last night, and turned around to give him a ride. But he is either deaf or he ignored us, so we didn't end up giving him a ride. It was not a pleasant night out for a walk! We don't typically give people rides, but you kind of have to figure that if you see the same person every single week, he's not out to murder, you know?

A friend is lending me her pressure canner and she picked a whole bunch of green beans from her garden for me to can. Isn't she sweet? =) That is another thing I'll be doing today!

Busy day ahead, so I'll be off! Have a wonderful day!

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