Tuesday, August 07, 2007

~Cable Fun~

This was the gift I sent to one of my sisters for her recent birthday:

A small knit purse.

The vine running down the middle of the purse is cable work. It was different than anything that I've done before, and was both challenging and enjoyable.

I bought fabric for the lining, and then cut it too small. So, I looked around at what I had, and decided that fabric from my fat-quarter win from Sew, Mama, Sew, would work perfectly. And the little zipper pouch which I had made previously went into the purse (since the fabrics coordinated).

Pattern: from a library book
Yarn: 100% cotton, worsted weight (I think)

I enjoyed this pattern, but when I got to the end, I realized that of all the knitting I have done, I have never had to worry about seams! I did a pathetic job the first time about, and then when I was showing it to a friend, I noticed that the front panel was sewn on upside down! Of course with a hideous seaming job, and an upside down panel, there was no way I could send it to my sister...at least not that way! I took it apart, went to a trusty reference book, and tried a different method of seaming. It looked so much better the second time around! This was a great learning project for me!

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Jodi said...

Very cute Tammy. I love the cable front. That's something I haven't tackled yet and would like to.