Friday, August 24, 2007

~Things I've Learned about Outer Space~

According to Star Trek

1. Everyone speaks English. It's amazing, really. But it's also cool, because you can go from planet to planet and not have to worry about interpreters and miscommunication.

2. Since everyone speaks English, there has to be something that identifies your planet or colony of origin. Facial features predominately set everyone apart. But in case you might wonder, each planet/colony has a different style of clothing as well.

3. There are many rare and deadly diseases in outer space. If your ship comes in contact with one of these dreaded diseases, do not worry. The doctor will be able to save you in the nick of time. Actually, do not worry if you are a key component to the space ship. If you are not very important, be very worried. You probably won't survive.

4. If someone aboard your space ship suddenly starts acting very odd, and issuing commands unlike the norm, be prepared for him to actually be an enemy who has assumed all the characteristics of the person.

5. In outer space, it is possible to transport people to your ship. Even enemies, if you wish to communicate with them on your ship. But, if you get lost while on a mission, do not expect your ship-mates to transport you back, even if you are the captain.

6. It is possible to disappear. The proper term is "cloaking".

7. Sometimes the enemy will cause yourself or members of your ship to alter their appearance. Again, don't be overly worried, by the end of the show day you will be back to normal again.

8. Time travel is indeed possible. How, this is not made clear, but it is indeed a reality of outer space.

There you have it! The things I've learned about Outer Space according to Star Trek. *Grin* Do I watch Star Trek? No way! Unless, of course, I come through the room and it looks interesting. It helps if Kevin is eating popcorn while watching. I can sit down to eat the popcorn. That's all.


Mrs.B said...

I am definitely not a fan of Star Trek but my dad watched it a lot when I was growing up!

Your list made me chuckle. (o:

annecourager said...

I watched a LOT of Star Trek growing up. I'm not a complete Trekkie, but I can get by. (I lean toward sci-fi and fantasy genres) My husband and brother in law, now... they can quote episodes and identify what season. Pretty sure that Kevin and Richard can do the same. Probably tell you the design specs of the various incarnations of the NCC-1701, too.

In the Douglas Adams universe, the Babel Fish is the reason for all the supposed English. Pop one of those in your ear, and it translates whatever language you're hearing into your native tongue.

I'm in the mood for some Star Trek now! :)

Sarah Joy said...

I thought that was called a "universal translator" from the books I used to read. "Babal fish" is catchier.

A Note From Theresa said...

Get the popcorn and forget the show sounds like something I would do. lol

Zintradi said...

In star trek, the Universal Translator magically solves the language barrier...
Stargate is worse because every planet they "gate" to they speak English...
The producers have admitted it and said they take the poetic license because it would be really boring for every show to be half taken up with people getting past the communication barrier.

Tammy said... everyone doesn't speak English! Well, I mostly hear Star Trek from the other room, so I had no idea! Thanks for letting me in on the translator thing! =)

annecourager said...

The master has spoken. Thanks Richard! :) :)

Lora K. said...

There is an episode that you would really like from DS-9, it has both Time Travel and it shows about the universal translators. It's quite funny, they get thrown back into the 50s and the military thinks that Quark (really big ears!) is a Martian. It's called "Little Green Men" and it's from season 4. O.K., so now I'm outed....I'm a Trekkie... I'll just go hang my head in shame.