Friday, October 20, 2006


“WIP” is another crafting term for “Work in Progress”. I’m making another pair of socks! I’ve had the yarn for quite a while, but I haven’t gotten around to making them. This will be my fifth pair of socks. I’m loving the way this sock is coming out, so far anyhow!

It’s just a plain sock, no fancy stitches, or anything to slow me down. But the yarn makes up for the plainness of the sock. I think I’ll have to buy something to go along with theses socks, because I can’t think of anything in my closet that matches any of these colors.

I’ve discovered that I’m a much faster knitter. Somewhere along the way, I’ve sped up, and didn’t even realize it. That’s a great realization!

I don’t have many knitting blogs that I read, but one thing that has always impressed me about the ones I do read is their yarn stashes. They’ll post a picture with yarn enough for 30 pairs of socks or more, and then talk about buying more yarn. I don’t have a stash yet, at least, not much of one. There are a few odd balls of yarn lurking in my sewing room closet. Sock yarn isn’t usually cheap, either. You can spend over $20 for a pair of socks! I haven’t spent that much…yet…but I guarantee you, if I did, I wouldn’t stash it! I’d at least start a project with it. It may be over a year before it’s done, but hey it’s not technically in a “stash” being unused, right? =)


Anonymous said...

I love that sock yarn! So far, all I've ventured knitting are wash cloths & hot pot rags. I really want to try to make something else, but I'm a little intimidated...I'm still pretty new at it. What do you think would be a good project for a beginner that doesn't involve wash cloths or hot pot rags?

deb said...

Your socks look fun and cozy! I have a yarn stash, and I can't even say I'm a knitter! I'm a wannabe knitter who is getting ready for the day that I just jump right in there and start knitting.

I also have a scrapbook stash...empty books, tons of paper, and lots of stickers. Stashes come in handy to give you more creative ideas when you're not quite sure what to do.

Chocolate stashes are one of the best stashes though, don't you think?

Annecourager said...

Okay, I'm looking at that yarn ball and wondering.......HOW did you manage to knit that sock so the stripes all lined up perfectly with the correspondingly dyed color on the yarn?

Is that a stupid question??

And Susan.....All I can do is knit and purl, cast on and bind off......and I'm making a baby blanket for my friend. Just think of it as a washcloth times 100! :) :)

Jodi said...

I love all your socks! With fourteen feet and seventy toes in this house -- I need to tackle the sock knitting! lol

Yarn stash? yarn stash! (Note to self: cover ears, close eyes and say to self repeatedly) "I will not be tempted, I will not be tempted!" I have enough fabric stashed to
scare off a quilters' convention; I don't want to go down that same road with yarn! Besides, there's no more room under my bed for any more storage containers! "I must exhibit self-control; I must exhibit self-control!" ;o)

And Deb - if you have chocolate stashed, I'm coming to your house! ;o)


Tammy said...

Susan, I would suggest a scarf for a project, but I suppose you wouldn't get much use out of it in Texas? You might try a small afghan.

Deb, a CHOCOLATE stash? I can't stash chocolate!!! LOL I'd have to have a seriously large amount of chocolate in order to have a stash!

Anne--the yarn I used is self-striping sock yarn. It does it all by itself! Isn't that just awesomely cool? I love knitting with it!

LOL Jodi..."enough fabric to scare off a quilter's convention". I have some fabric, but not that much. ;-)

rachel said...

Did you order the yarn from Knit Picks? It looks familiar. I often order my wool from them. The socks look great! I have yet to try my hand at making them.

tkrimms said...

I use WIP for my writing too :)

Birdie said...

Love that yarn!