Saturday, October 07, 2006

~Work Day~

Work, work, work!

Today is a catch-up day. I've gotten the bathroom cleaned, and even spent some extra time cleaning out a drawer and doing extra scrubbing as well.

Laundry is the never-ending chore, and it has piled up quite a bit as of late. The laundry will take up a good portion of my day. I also have my grocery shopping and errands to do.

What about you? Are you working or playing today? :O)

Susan wrote an excellent article about the bondage we put ourselves in. I highly recommend it!


Anonymous said...

I played 'catch-up' on grocery shopping yesterday. I had been putting it off for too long, and we were scraping the bottom of the barrel as I tried to creatively combine the last few items from the pantry! My family came along to offer support and help. It was so cute--I handed the items to the girls who in turn took them to daddy who was pushing the baby in the cart. So we got it done, but I wished we could have relaxed more yesterday. After supper we tidied, and I mopped the floors.

Annecourager said...

work! only not the work *I* had planned! Dear husband got up on the roof and pressure-washed, and I had to stay nearby just in case he fell off or some horrible thing.

Therefore, all the lovely things I had planned (and desperately NEEDED) to do inside did NOT happen.

At least I got the kitchen floor mopped, and made homemade tortillas. but not all the grandiose plans I'd originally started out with.

Cherish the Home said...

We played most of the weekend!

Arlene said...

We are playing for now, hehehe. My husband's sister is visiting us for a few weeks, so Nathan took leave from work, and we are enjoying showing her around Japan :) I'm enjoying having my hubby home, and I love not *having* to be anywhere for the most part! :o)