Sunday, October 08, 2006

~A Year of Color: Catching up!~

I am still participating in A Year of Color (link on my sidebar), but I haven't posted the pictures on my blog for a few weeks.

Pine Green:

(I did skip Turquoise week)

Brick Red:

Goldenrod (well, one of the colors in the yarn is what I consider to be goldenrod!):

Now I'm all caught up! =)


Annecourager said...

Umm.. too weird. Blogger posted a picture of some shelves in a basement for your last picture of "goldenrod."

But if you click on the shelving photo in the post, it takes you to a photo of knitting on a needle!

Somebloggy's got its wires crossed!

So has my brother-in-law said anything about the current state of baseball? I'm dying to know if he's swallowed his disdain to follow the Tigers again!!

Kristi said...

Your picture of the brick road brought back memories of when I lived in Ohio as a little girl. I remember being about four or five and we turned down a road on our way to someone's house and the road was brick. I couldn't believe my little eyes. I just had to get out and play on the red brick road!! LOL


~Hannah Morrow~ said...

Those first two pics are pretty cool.

Shari said...

lol. i'm glad ancourager helped solve the mystery. i was able to click on the shelves, and see your cool picture of the yarn. :)

whose car is that? it's gorgeous!!

Jodi said...

That's funny Kristi said what she did. That picture also reminded me of brick roads from my childhood. We used to drive to a church in a small Florida town (Dunedin), and all the streets in the "nucleus" of that little town were brick. It fascinated me! (And they still are today - brick that is!)

Tammy - you have such an eye for photography! Love to look at your blog.