Tuesday, July 31, 2007

~The Reality of Reality Shows~

I do admit to succumbing to one or two reality shows. I watched The Biggest Loser for two seasons in a row. I watched The Apprentice two seasons ago, but didn’t watch this last season. There must have been quite a few people who didn’t watch last season, because the show has been canceled.

So I’ve already admitted to having watched a few reality shows. But how REAL are they? I remember hearing someone say, about their reality show, that “It’s a reality show. We have to take a lot of scenes over again.” In other words, they have an unscripted show, but they take the same scene over and over again until it comes out the way they want it to.

There are just some shows *I* cannot imagine why they are either watched or participated in, which obviously I know a bit about, otherwise I couldn't write about them. But I do not watch them! LOL:

***Fear Factor. People sign up for that??? I bet the document they have to sign just to get on the show is a ream’s worth of paper! Because if they die or develop health problems from the things they have to do, I’m sure the producers are not going to take responsibility!
***Wife Swap. What husband wants his wife living in another man’s house for two weeks? While a stranger lives in his house and takes care of his kids? To get the most for the viewer’s enjoyment, they pick women from extreme opposite homes.
***Nanny 911. My kid is an obnoxious brat and I want to broadcast it on national television? Do parents have no shame?
***What Not to Wear. Can you imagine how embarrassed and hurt you would be if family members or friends nominated you for this show? And then sometimes the outfits that the hosts wear look so ridiculous. They need someone to tell them what not to wear! (I do not regularly watch this show, but I have seen it a few times.) The $5000 Visa card would not be enough to cover the embarrassment and hurt, at least not for me!
***Man vs. Wild Man with an accent leaping through the jungle, climbing mountains in his bare feet, trudging through deserts with nothing but an empty canteen, talking all the while about how dangerous the things are that he’s doing. OK let’s get real here: All the things he’s doing, the camera men have to do, with a camera in their hands! I’m sure the camera men are privileged with real food and do not have to eat grubs and monkey brains, but still. If they couldn’t keep up with him, there wouldn’t be a show!!!

Please, don't be offended if you watch and enjoy any of the above shows. These are MY opinions of the shows! *Smiles*


Mishel said...

I'm not a big reality show or t.v. person--but I have to confess I do like American Idol. : )

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Those shows make their own reality to me. I was waiting for one show to come on and when it did I was disgusted. There is no saving grace to the show "Saving Grace." Thats just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed The Biggest Loser. There's nothing more motivating than watching someone run up a mountain while you sit on the sofa watching TV!

Sarah Joy said...

I know a couple people who would benefit (in their wardrobe, not their ego) from What Not To Wear, but you couldn't get me within 100 miles. I can just see me arguing with the "experts" on modesty every couple minutes...

I agree on the reality tv thing. I think that what appeals to people in those shows is the same thing that appealed to the Romans at the colluseum-just without so many people dying.

Heather said...

My sister is one of those crazy people who auditioned for Fear Factor. I, on the other hand, cannot even bear to watch the show, much less audition.

As for What Not to Wear...I do watch it occasionally - okay, rarely - but I would not be offended if nominated. I would love to have $5000 to spent in NYC.

My favorite reality show (and the only one I watch regularly) is the Amazing Race. I would so love to be on this show and travel around the world. Maybe someday. ;)

Unknown said...

I like the Amazing Race also. To travel to all those places and see the sites. Of course, I'm sure they're so busy trying to win they really don't see much.

I would LOVE to be on What Not to Wear!! I actually asked to be nominated for my birthday. Sure it would be embarrassing, but I would get two professionals telling me what really looks good on me. Yes, I would have to argue with them over the modesty thing, but in my naive mind I think they'd listen to me the first time I tell them! :-)

Cherish the Home said...

I love to watch The Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race. The first is motivating and the second, well, it's like getting to travel without having to leave home!

I do like to watch What Not To Wear and have actually learned a couple of things. I wouldn't wear most of what they pick for people but I enjoy the hair and make up segments the best.

The River House said...

Dear Tammy; my DH used to work for the TV channel that started the reality TV craze. And I am sorry to say that the shows are actually scripted. Eventhough, we as the viewer, think that we are watching real emotions and the like, the participants were given scripts and told what to say and how to say to achieve the largest impact...aka...ratings. I do enjoy reading your posts. Maria S.

theups said...

I've never seen The Biggest Loser but I want to!! I'll bet its super motivating to watch people really try to get in shape (and heaven knows I need to!!!).

I must admit, I am a FoodTV fan and I really enjoy watching their Next Food Network Star show!!!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

I've only posted a comment her once before, a long time ago, but I'm making it my goal to delurk myself on some of my favorite blogs. :-)

I must admit to occasionally watching Wife Swap and What Not to Wear. I would never be comfortable being on Wife Swap. I just couldn't imagine living with anyone else other than my own husband. I do however enjoy seeing what the families are like (even though I realize the shows are scripted for ratings). I root for the conservative moms who love taking care of their husbands and children. I also like to see how they run their homes and the kinds of things they do on a daily basis.

As for what not to Wear, I'd love to have $5000 to spend on new clothes. I often wonder if the people are really made to throw away all of their old clothes. I have many things in my current wardrobe that I definitely would not want to part with. I have seen on one episode, the hosts mention something about the woman's more modest outlook on clothes and they did take that into consideration when giving her clothes tips. What she ended up with was not super modest, but considering some of the outfits I've seen on that show, hers were definitely mild in comparison.

Emily said...

Hey Tammy! Haven't visited in a while, but here I am! I had to respond to this post because one of my absolute fave things to watch on TV is on your list! I love 'Man vs. Wild'. . . granted, my husband is into mountaineering, and for some strange reason, I love to read about it, think about it, and talk about it. I, myself, have never done anything like Bear Grylls, and I can't imagine when I would. Nevertheless, I find his show to be quite entertaining and something that I can watch with my little boys and husband. You'd be hardpressed to find a show that doesn't covertly peddle flash and s*x, but I find 'Man vs. Wild' to be such a show. I'm fascinated by it and the info he shares (plenty about what the indigenous people would do and all that - about nature - etc.). . . although, let me add that my husband and I often laugh over the whole "reality" thing and how Bear is supposed to be "alone" in the wild. He has a camera man or two, and we weren't duped. We also believe he has quick access to help in case of an emergency. It's entertainment, so we're not stupid. I think Bear's point is to say, "This is what you would do IF you were stranded in this sort of geographical location." And his information is quite accurate as he has consulted with "those in the know" - yes, there's a script involved, I'm sure.

As for other reality programs. We liked the first couple of seasons of 'Survivor', but I really only watch two TV programs regularly now. The aforementioned and NBC's "The Office". I really don't enjoy reality TV.