Monday, July 30, 2007

~This is a post~

It might be dull and boring, but it is indeed a new post. *Smiles*

Tonight we had two window salespeople come over and give their little pitch. We know we need to replace our windows, and we'd like to have a ballpark figure so we can know how much money to save up.

So. Two and a half hours later, we still didn't have a definitive price. Very frustrating. They did their little demo on how heat escapes through windows (yes, with frost on the inside of our windows last winter, we were quite aware we have much heat escaping our house!)

I think they took so long because they want to make sure we don't get a quote from anyone else. You know, if we figure all window salespeople will take so long, we for sure won't want to get any more quotes! LOL

And they also didn't want to give us prices on individual windows. What we'd like to do is replace a few at a time, not all at once.

Anyhow, any sales stories to tell?

I remember one guy who came to our house when I was young. My mom answered the door, and he pushed his way into the house and started spraying his miracle spray on a spot on the floor. My mom, in order to get him out of the house, told him that my dad would have to make the decision. So he came out to the garden and talked to my dad for quite a lo-o-o-ng time. And he didn't make a sale. If I remember right, it took my dad walking him out to his car to get rid of him.

Now, please don't be mistaken; I have nothing against salespeople. I could never work in sales, because that just isn't me. But when shopping, I greatly appreciate a knowledgeable sales rep to help answer questions and help me get the most for my money!


Kim said...

See I wouldn't have had the patience you did. I would have told the sales rep that if they couldn't quote me per window, that I would go to a company that could.
Hope the next rep is easier to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!

I SO agree with you about never working in sales. I'm sure all salespeople are not like that but I've been around enough sales people to know that many of them come with a certain personality type.

This will be kind of a long post and I don't mean to come accross liek a sales person:)

Have you tried Wallside? They have a factory in Taylor and gave me a quote one time (gulp, it was for a lot of $$, though)or, maybe--- these were the long time visitors?

West Michigan Glass Block put in 5 basement windows for me a few years ago and they were VERY reasonable and friendly. They even gave me an extra discount on the windows because they had to reschedule the service time!

Also-- not to be bossy, or anything like that,(I hope you dont' take it that way:) but I and my next door neighbor (when I lived in town) had a wierd experience with Hanson's in case you were considering them.

Take Care and happy window shopping! Isn't it so exciting decorating and working to improve upon your little nest? George & I just enjoy that so much.


Theresa's Notes said...

Anyhow, any sales stories to tell?
Well I do. My Husband and I was invited to Chili's because one of mine and my husbands friends won a free supper for them self and three other couples.

There was a man from Master Guard (residential fire protection products)there. We watch a video about fire safety. Then he came to our apartment to give us a figure of how much it would cost to get it. All I can say is Oh-my to the price. And that's my story in a nut shell.

Hope you find a good deal for your windows soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,
Your sister was involved in a conversation with a number of people at her church, when one of the people turned to her and said, “What do you think about fruit salesmen?” Your sister (I’ll let you guess which one) replied, “The’re in a class all their own!” The next week at church, she was talking with a nice young man that had been a part of that conversation. “So, she asked him, what do you do for work?” “I’m a fruit salesman,” was his reply. So much for that nice guy ever becoming more than just a nice guy at church that says, “hi” to her......

Once a long, long time ago, a salesman rang my bell, and challenged me to find a stain that his miracle cleaner could not remove. Though he offered some incredible reward for such a find, I was not interested, and sent him on his way. Then I looked down to see a poor little baby doll with an ink mark across her pretty plastic face. “Ah ha!” I thought, “Nothing will take ink off a dolly’s face. “I grabbed up the dolly, and ran down the sidewalk, calling to the salesman. “Bet you can’t remove this stain!” I said, as I pushed the doll toward him. He rubbed, scrubbed, scraped, and buffed that little face with his cleaner, but he couldn’t get the blue ink to budge. Smuggly, I stood there waiting for my reward, but he came up with a reason not to give it to me. Oh well... I tried. Anyway, I don’t have any girls small enough to scribble on their doll’s faces anymore, but I never did come up with a cure for ink on a baby doll’s face, and for whatever reason, that is something that little children seem to like doing! If someone could come up with a cleaner that would remove ink from dolls faces, they would probably strike it rich!